A blog reboot in earnest

Hi Everyone,

I hadn't really put any time into blogging or posting what's been going on since the beginning of this crazy adventure. But I think i'm turning a corner on 'why' I should do this. I need to share back what I've learned as this sport/?activity? is in the dark ages compared to just about anything else out there.

I've also been crazy busy trying to wrangle together everything i need to do before my flight out to Monterey in May. One way to track that is through posts. :)

Here's a quick excerpt off the top of my head 

  • Finish my will
  • Buy a different kind of diaper rash cream based on a coworker's suggestion
  • Finish my 75 kilometers of erg'ing meters for the week
  • Send my food supplier my meal list! (Over $2000 in meals not including snacks)
  • Send out sponsorship letters for a few remaining items

Two notes for today, my 15k erg piece wasn't fun. The time does go by quickly for the most part but once you notice time, everything slows down. Second note, my new Zhik 160 dinghy boots haven't needed any breaking in for use with the erg and they feel great even at the end of a piece.